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Anne Scholes


Anne Scholes has been with Psychic all her life, and is one of the stars on “Psychic T.V.” on the Living Channel, she is a warm, friendly, bubbly psychic who viewers come back to time and time again. Anne gives calm comforting readings to make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Anne is a spiritual medium, working for our loved ones who have crossed over, bringing through messages to bring closure and comfort, Anne developed her mediumship in the Spiritualist church and has given services at many of them, she now runs her own development circle to help other mediums on their way.

Anne connects with the Angelic realm helping people to connect to their very own Guardian Angel.
Anne also uses Divination cards to predict situations with amazing accuracy, giving timings and reassurance of specific details and has had countless testimonials on and off screen.

Working with her Spirit Guides she gives names, dates, information only you could know, describing people .places, houses as well as a remote viewer she can find lost items and animals.

Over the last few years she has been flown out to work on cruise liners around the world, worked for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in both the U.K. and Germany. She has held many workshops, teaching Tarot, Aura and Chakra awareness, appeared in newspapers, Sky news, BBC 'Test the Nation' and worked on many radio stations around the U.K. where she currently is resident psychic on Century radio, with over a million listeners.

Anne has just recorded 2 meditation c.d.'s to help people to connect to their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel, and has given readings to celebrities, footballers, their wives and TV actors, actresses and prominent business people.


Anne Scholes

Anne Scholes


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