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Angle Grinders


Sexy female and male angle-grinders create a fantastic pyrotechnic show that always leaves the crowd awestruck and wanting more. All of our angle-grinders have been fully trained and are competent to use this machinery. Safety is hugely important for this act therefore it must be performed indoors or in a safely covered area.

Angle grinding is a fantastic, visually stunning spectacle. It may be performed in nightclubs, corporate events, fashion shows and awards ceremonies. It also provides an exciting alternative to fireworks at weddings and is fantastic for meet and greet as arches may be created for guests to walk through!!!

Acts may be stages throughout the night with as many performers as you need. These may be choreographed or freestyle with elaborate matching costumes to add extra impact! ALL of our performers are fully insured. We will provide a thorough risk assessment prior to performance to ease your peace of mind and make our fabulous angle-grinders as enjoyable for you as possible.


Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders


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