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Beer For Breakfast


Beer for Breakfast is a professional four piece live Ceilidh Band for hire. This experienced band of marvellous musicians play a fantastic and lively range of real traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish Ceilidh Music. They also perform songs and tunes between dances if needed, as well as Celtic Rock and Country Rock & Roll. They are all professional musicians who came together from academic, formal, semi-pro and session music backgrounds.

They have formed one of the most vibrant and lively ceilidh bands on the Irish music scene today. Beer for Breakfast are often the main focus of entertainment at an evening wedding party, where their main goal is to make sure that everyone celebrates this wonderful occasion on the dance floor with the happy couple.

They are also regularly hired for a barn dance or for corporate events and fundraising functions. They have separate callers for Irish Ceilidh and Scottish Ceilidh events.


Beer For Breakfast

Beer For Breakfast


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