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If you want to raise money for a good cause, charity, sporting club or a society - or just have a very entertaining non-profit evening, then one of the best ways is to stage a Film Horse Race Event. The specially selected races show eight horses battling it out on the flat or over the hurdles at top racecourses in England and abroad. No race is controlled or stage-managed as each film is a recording of an actual race complete with a special added commentary by professionals such as the Channel 4 or BBC racing presenters viz: Jim McGrath, Angus Lochrane, Richard Pitman, John McCririck and John Francome & others.

Well before the event we recommend you recruit, ideally, the services of at least eight helpers or volunteers to obtain sponsorship of the races from local companies or firms at a cost of £25, £50 - or more! The ideal objective is for each helper to obtain the sponsorship of one race only and to pre-sell the ownership of the 8 runners in that race, for say, £5. You might ask a local firm or business to sponsor a race for say £200 - but include a table of 10 ‘free tickets’ for their employees and friends.

Owners can either select their horses from our own pre-printed race card, which is included in the price, or they can name their horse with a title of their own choosing (see Customised Race Cards below). (NOTE, people unable to attend the event can still show their support by buying horses).


Race Nights

Race Nights


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